Figure skating and Lil' Jon aren't the most natural combination, but Jimmy Ma made it work. 

By Stanley Kay
January 05, 2018

I'm not going to lie: I haven't watched much figure skating since 2014. But if this performance from Jimmy Ma is any indication, I'm going to be watching a lot more at the upcoming 2018 Winter Games. 

At the 2018 National Championships in San Jose on Thursday, Ma incorporated DJ Snake and Lil' Jon's "Turn Down For What" into his routine. 

The 2013 hit song starts around the 2:30 mark of the video above. 

Figure skaters were once prohibited from using any music with words. But it's still not exactly common for Lil' Jon to accompany an axel jump. 

“Figure skating is an extreme sport,” Ma told USA Today. “I want the most amount of people to see that it is both an awesome art form and also an awesome sport. The whole point was to get people hyped. Get older people hyped and for younger people to think it is cool.”

A Rookie's Guide to Figure Skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Ma, 22, appears to be something of a hip-hop fan. Deadspin notes that he incorporated Eminem into a routine last year. 

Ma is in 11th place after Thursday's short program, so unfortunately he's unlikely to reach Pyeongchang. 

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