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Biden Says 'Rules Are the Rules' on Richardson Suspension but Questions if a Change Should Be Made

President Joe Biden commented Saturday on whether or not he thought American runner Sha'Carri Richardson's one-month suspension for a failed drug test after testing positive for marijuana was fair. 

"Rules are the rules," Biden said. "And everyone knows what the rules were going in. Whether they should remain that way is a different issue. But the rules are rules, and I was really proud of the way she responded." 

Richardson, 21, had aspirations of being the first American Olympic gold medalist in the 100 meters since 1996 before her suspension. 

Her first-place finish at the women's 100 meters in Oregon last month at the Olympic trials was disqualified. After her win, she shared that her mother had died one week before.

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Richardson admitted during an interview on the Today show that she ingested marijuana while in Oregon in order to cope with the trauma of losing her mother.

"I want to take responsibility for my actions," Richardson said. "I know what I did and what I’m not supposed to do. I know what I'm not allowed to do and I still made that decision. Not making an excuse or looking for any empathy in my case but being in that position of my life and finding out something like that—something that I would say has impacted my life positively and negatively in my life when it comes to dealing with the relationship with my mother—that definitely was a heavy topic on me."

Richardson could still be named to the United States’ 4x100-meter relay team depending on a selection by USA Track and Field.

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