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By Alexander Abnos
February 17, 2015

In a particularly sobering postscript to the excitement of Chelsea's 1-1 draw with Paris St. Germain in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday, video has been released that appears to show Chelsea fans engaging in some repugnant racist behavior on the Parisian Metro system. 

The video, which was taken at the Richelieu-Drouot station before the match and released by The Guardian after the final whistle, shows a packed train full of Chelsea fans idling on the platform. An unidentified black man attempts to board on a sliver of vacant space, only to be shoved out -- twice -- by the also-unidentified Chelsea fans that packed the car.  

Then, in perhaps the most disturbing part of the video, the fans begin chanting "We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it" as the man walks away and a black woman exits the car. 

Watch the video below: 

It is not yet known if either Chelsea or UEFA will take action against the supporters, or the extent to which such punishment would even be possible. 

The incident comes in the immediate aftermath of another public display of racism in the European soccer world. Yesterday, revered Italian coach Arrigo Sacchi came under scrutiny after saying that he thinks there are "too many black players" on the country's youth teams.

Earlier this season, Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli's Twitter account was inundated with racist abuse after tweeting a mocking message aimed at Manchester United. Sports Ilustrated's Grant Wahl discussed Europe's problems with racism in soccer after Balotelli's tweet storm on SI Now in September: 



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