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PSG's Zlatan Ibrahimovic apologizes for outburst after Ligue 1 contest

By SI Wire
March 16, 2015

Paris St-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic apologized for his behavior and remarks after PSG lost to Bordeuaux on Sunday in a Ligue 1 contest.

Ibrahimovic was heard saying that France "does not deserve" PSG after the match, a 3-2 loss.

"I was speaking in anger. My remarks were not aimed at France or the French people." Ibrahimovic said, according to the BBC. He also added he was "talking about football and not something else" and apologized "if people felt offended.”

He also criticized official Lionel Jaffredo after the match, saying “in 15 years I've never seen a referee” like Jaffredo after several calls went against the squad.

Ligue 1’s disciplinary commission will meet to discuss a possible suspension for Ibrahimovic for misconduct.

Ibrahimovic's comments have drawn anger from politicians in France. Right-wing Front National leader Marine Le Pen said she feels Ibrahimovic should leave the country if he doesn't respect it.

Socialist party member Jérôme Guedj agreed. 

“Let him play football and shut up, or at least be respectful of this country, the football supporters who were also insulted," Guedj said, according to the Guardian.

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Ibrahimovic received a red card during a Champions League match against Chelsea last week. He said after that match that Chelsea acted like “babies” after the referee issued the punishment. UEFA will meet on March 19th to further examine the ruling.

Ibrahimovic was suspended for two games earlier this season after receiving a yellow card in a victory at Saint-Etienne in January.

The Swedish forward has 14 goals and three assists this season for PSG, which is two points behind Olympique Lyonnais for first place in Ligue 1.

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