Watch: Lionel Messi seizes control for Barcelona with two sublime goals

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Just when Barcelona's Champions League semifinal first leg against Bayern Munich looked like it was headed for a 0–0 draw, Lionel Messi did what Lionel Messi does. 

Messi took over, with two highlight-reel goals in a span of three minutes to put Barcelona in command as the club attempts to reach the Champions League final. 

First, Messi took a pass from Dani Alves and laced a blast by Manuel Neuer, who had been fantastic and clutch in keeping Barcelona at bay.

Messi followed that up moments later by putting Jerome Boateng on the seat of his pants with an expert dribble and then chipping Neuer in spectacular fashion.

With the two goals, Messi takes over the all-time lead in Champions League goals (77), besting Cristiano Ronaldo, who had set the new mark on Tuesday.

Neymar added a third on a stoppage-time breakaway for Barcelona as Bayern chased an away goal, putting Barcelona in the driver's seat entering next week's second leg.