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A member of Lionel Messi's family was attacked in the stands as the super star led Argentina against the home country of Chile in the Copa America final on Saturday, according to Goal.com.

By SI Wire
July 04, 2015

A member of Lionel Messi's family was attacked in the stands as the superstar led Argentina against home country Chile in the Copa America final on Saturday, according to Goal.com.

The ugliness happened as the first half wound down, as insults began to rain down on a group of Messi's family members who were attending the game, and the altercation escalated until Messi's brother Rodrigo was hit by a Chile fan.

At halftime security moved the family into a media area for its safety.

The Goal.com report also states that Messi's teammate Sergio Aguero's family was subjected to verbal assaults from the crowd as well, but they never rose to the level of physical violence.

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