The suicide bomber at the France vs. Germany match had a ticket for the game, reports The Wall Street Journal.

By SI Wire
November 14, 2015

One of the suicide bombers during yesterday’s Paris attacks had a ticket to the France vs. Germany exhibition but was turned away when his explosive vest was discovered, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The attacker was found to be wearing the vest when he was frisked at the stadium entrance, according to the report. As the attacker tried backing away from security, he detonated the vest, according to a stadium security guard interviewed by the Journal.

After the first attacker detonated his vest, a second person set off a suicide bomb outside the stadium. There was one more suicide bombing at a McDonald’s near the stadium. One civilian was killed in the stadium attacks.

All three explosions occurred during the first half of the game. France and Germany played the whole exhibition, as information was withheld from players and fans to avoid creating a panic.


At least 120 people were killed during Friday’s attacks, the deadliest day in France since World War II.

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