Report: FBI looking into Sepp Blatter’s role in FIFA bribery scandal

The FBI is reportedly looking into Sepp Blatter’s role in the FIFA scandal.
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The FBI is looking into Sepp Blatter’s role into a FIFA bribery scandal, reports the BBC.

The reports states that Blatter is being investigated for an incident during the 1990s, when a sports marketing company, known as ISL, paid $100 million to FIFA officials, including former FIFA president Joao Havelange and ex-FIFA executive Ricardo Teixeira, in return for television and marketing rights.

The BBC obtained a letter from the FBI that was written by Havelange that references the payments he received from ISL. The letter states that Blatter knew about the payments. However, Blatter denied knowing about the bribes and never took action.

In 2010, the outgoing FIFA president denied the legal finding by the Swiss that Havelange and Teixeria received bribes from ISL. In 2013, Blatter told a FIFA ethics committee that he was unaware of the bribery.

Swiss authorities opened a criminal investigation on Blatter on Sept. 25. The Swiss attorney general brought charges of criminal mismanagement and misappropriation against him.

Blatter was suspended on Oct. 8 as a result of an ongoing investigation by the FIFA ethics committee into alleged mismanagement of FIFA funds, centering on a $2 million payment Blatter made to UEFA president  Michel Platini in 2011. 

Blatter and Platini appealed their 90-day suspensions, but the ruling was upheld.

The election for a new FIFA president is set for February 2016.