Where does each MLS team stand entering the new season and what must each do to obtain success? Liviu Bird's MLS Preseason Power Rankings.

By Liviu Bird
March 01, 2016

In Major League Soccer more than perhaps any other league in the world, the previous season means little. Every year, the parity of the league ensures that even the teams that finished outside the playoffs just a few months prior could be the ones in the hunt for the trophy in December.

It doesn’t happen magically or by accident, though. Teams have plenty of chances to overhaul their squad if necessary, or hire a new coach, between seasons, but stagnation is still possible.

The MLS off-season is about ambition as much as anything. How good do teams think they can be? What do they need to tweak to get them over the hump this year?

Here’s where each team stands heading into the 2016 season and its key to success in the new year (previous ranking based on playoff exit or regular-season finish):

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