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Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter expected recognition during February’s congress. 

By SI Wire
March 10, 2016

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter said in an interview he expected more recognition for his work during last month’s FIFA Extraordinary Congress.

FIFA held elections at a congress last month to replace Blatter, who was elected five times as president but resigned last June amid a widespread corruption scandal. In December, a FIFA ethics committee banned Blatter from activities relating to world soccer for eight years, though it was eventually reduced to six. 

Despite the controversy, Blatter wanted more celebration of his work before the election.

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“But I had expected that at the least something about my work would have been said by the congress leader at the beginning or the end,” Blatter told Swiss newspaper Blick. “...My only wish—if my business is done—that I am recognized at the next congress or the one after that or the congress in 20 years.”

Blatter also told the paper he has lost friends since the election.

“I’ll give you an example,” Blatter said. “A friend invited me out to eat three times. Three times he canceled at the last minute. That speaks volumes. Or with others I felt over the telephone that they responded dismissively.”

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In terms of the game, Blatter said he did not know his successor Gianni Infantino closely, and he does not support the new president’s plan to increase the World Cup field to 40 games.

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