Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido fought his way to escape after being kidnapped. 

By SI Wire
May 30, 2016

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Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido fought his way to an escape after being kidnapped, prosecutor Ismael Quintanilla revealed Monday.

Pulido, 25, was kidnapped at gunpoint Saturday night after attending a party with his girlfriend. Pulido was being held for ransom by four men but managed to call for help Sunday when he was left alone with one of his abductors.

“They traded blows. He take [the phone] and calls 066. It all happened very quickly,” Quintanilla said on Imagen radio.

Pulido reportedly beat the kidnapper while on the phone, demanding to know their location as he called police. Pulido was seen with a bandage on his right hand after the incident, a result of punching windows as he tried to escape. 

Pulido was eventually recovered by police after the phone call. Before details of Pulido’s escape came to light, police called his recovery a rescue.

In addition to playing for Mexico, Pulido plays for the Greek club team Olympiakos.

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