How do the 16 teams taking part in Copa America Centenario stack up? Alexander Abnos ranks them all based on form and talent as they enter the tournament.

By Alexander Abnos
June 01, 2016

International tournaments are always interesting exercises in testing a national team's form. Time and time again, teams that have struggled in other competitions have excelled when given a compact, high-stakes task in front of them. Sometimes, the opposite is true, and teams that have dominated in qualifying tournaments and friendlies simply fall flat.

This summer’s Copa America Centenario represents a unique twist on this type of experiment, pitting North American and South American teams against one another in a one-off, hybrid regional championship. With so little history for this type of competition, it can be difficult to know where teams stand in comparison with one another going in. With that in mind, here are power rankings of the 16 Copa America Centenario teams, as it stands today.

Remember, these rankings reflect the recent form of the teams and their players, not necessarily the net “good-ness” of them.

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