SI has published more than 3,000 covers, and they can't all be winners. Here's a list of the ones we'd like to have back.

By Lindsay Applebaum
August 07, 2014

Sports Illustrated has produced 3,069 covers over the last 60 years. Many of them are keepers, perhaps even iconic, and you can check out some of our favorites here. We're proud of that work over the last six decades.

Then there are some covers we're not so proud of at all. In fact, we'd probably take them back if we could, but in the spirit of transparency, we've instead presented them here for your amusement. Here's a key to help you keep track of the categories:

Politically incorrect
Why? (We don't know.)
Oops (Our biggest screw-ups.)
Generally weak topics








[image:6493201]We won't call this 1999 cover the worst ever, because it's not quite as memorable as some of the others on this list. But it sits at the comical intersection of being terribly wrong (Tim Couch did not lead the Browns to greatness; Akili Smith was a bust for the Bengals), having a weird creature on the cover and being generally strange.


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