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Rob Gronkowski: We Almost Had The Hail Mary

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had a chance at being his team’s hero on Sunday night, but a potential game winning catch on quarterback Tom Brady’s Hail Mary fell just short of his fingertips. Gronkowski told NBC Sports that he almost had it.

“It was just a jump ball,” Gronkowski said during an interview with NBC, “Aaron did a good job going up there and we almost had it, but almost isn’t enough.”

Although Gronkowski was not a 100 percent after an ankle injury obtained during the AFC Championship game, he believed he most definitely had a few opportunities to end the game in the Patriots favor. Aside from the Hail Mary play at the end if the game, was a crucial interception that was intended for Gronkowski but was thrown short by Tom Brady.

“It’s really hard,” Gronkowski said of the loss to the New York Giants, “We went through so much together as a team, we’re all there for each other as a team, we all fight for each other. It just didn’t end the way we wanted it to, but we all worked hard, we all dedicated ourselves all season long. It just didn’t happen at the end.”