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Jim Harbough Acts As Hoosier Student Manager

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh played the role of student manager for the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team coached by his brother-in-law Tom Crean, according to USA Today.

"I've never sat on the bench before, so I felt like I should be contributing in some way,'' Harbaugh said.  At halftime, he was asked about his chair duty.  "I've been practicing,'' Harbaugh said with a grin. "And I'm getting better. It's taking me some time, but I'm getting better.''

Already in town for the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Harbough decided to attend his brother-in-law’s team playing against North Carolina Central Wednesday night.  Sitting at the end of the bench during the game, Harbough, took it upon himself to bring the chairs on and off the court for the players to sit.  Crean went on to complement his brother-in-law telling USA Today that why he is such a successful leader, saying “(with him) it’s all about winning.”