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Carmelo Anthony Admits Playing With Jeremy Lin Is "Quite An Adjustment"


Carmelo Anthony admits that the New York Knicks have been struggling to find their chemistry since his return to the lineup, The New York Times reports.

 “I think anytime you go from the early part of the season, just having the ball and me just having the ball and being the distributor, and now just running the wings and waiting for the ball to come to me, that’s quite an adjustment for myself,” Anthony told The Times.

Prior to Anthony’s injury, which forced him to miss seven games in the month of February, the Knicks offense ran almost completely through his hands. The team was without a traditional point guard, which forced Anthony to play point-forward. Jeremy Lin’s emergence during his injury, however, allowed the Knicks to run a traditional Mike D'Antoni offense. The team went 6-1 Anthoney's his absence.

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