By Bill Carey
May 28, 2012

Chris Bosh, Miami Heat Chris Bosh addressed the criticism he has received for crying after a loss in last year's NBA Finals. (Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images)

After the Dallas Mavericks finished off the Miami Heat in last season's NBA Finals, Chris Bosh cried. He has been mocked since by the media and the public, and he thinks that the criticism is out of line, he told's Tom Haberstroh.

"To people who made fun of it, I thought it was messed up," Bosh said. "It meant that much to me.

"What are your dreams? What do you want the most out of anything in this world? Dangle it in front of you, work hard as hell to get it, and then take it away. Gone."

Bosh injured a lower abdominal muscle in Game 1 of Miami's series with the Indiana Pacers, and he has not played since. The Heat struggled at first without Bosh but adapted as the series progressed. Miami hosts the Boston Celtics tonight in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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