Saints interim coach Joe Vitt offers to take lie detector to prove innonence

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Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt is offering to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. (Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

<> on May 24, 2012 in Metairie, Louisiana.

New Orleans Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt was recently accused by the NFL of taking part in a bounty on Brett Favre that ultimately got him suspended for the first six games of this upcoming season. According to, Vitt is willing to do anything, including taking a lie detector test, to prove his innonence.

“Today I had a great conversation with the Commissioner and stated I would sign a sworn affidavit to this fact, or make myself available to take a lie detector, to immediately rectify this matter,” Vitt said.

The NFL then admitted it never accused Vitt of offering money to a bounty pool.

"In the recent information released by the NFL to the NFLPA, and later to the media, there is an allegation made against me that is completely untrue and I cannot let it go unchallenged,” Vitt said in a statement.  “I did not pledge any money for any type of incentive program pertaining to the 2010 NFC Championship game. Furthermore, I have never at any time pledged any money for any type of incentive program, or so-called ‘bounty’ program.”