By Alexander Abnos
November 26, 2012

Jonathon Amaya arrested Dolphins' special teamer Jonathon Amaya was arrested for allegedly battering a cab driver. (AP)

Miami Dolphins special teams player Jonathon Amaya is being held on $1,500 bail after allegedly choking a cab driver early Monday morning, according to NBC 6 Miami.

According to the report, Amaya was leaving a Miami nightclub at 4:30 a.m. when he hailed the cab and paid the driver $100 in cash to go to a location outside the cab's normal service area. During the ride, Amaya reportedly became "aggressive," prompting the driver to return to the nightclub, give back the cash and tell Amaya to leave the cab immediately.

It was then that Amaya allegedly reached around the front seat and began choking the driver. Two off-duty police officers spotted the incident and arrested Amaya on the spot. The driver was not injured, according to the report.

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