By Erin Weaver
April 12, 2013

MLB investigators say they have uncovered evidence that a representative of Alex Rodriguez purchased medical records from an anti-aging clinic in South Florida, with the intention of destroying the documents. It seems that Rodriguez tried to purchase his records from the now-closed clinic, called Biogenesis of America, before the MLB could find and see the documents.

The New York Times reported online on Thursday that the MLB had purchased documents from a former South Florida clinic employee, in an effort to find evidence linking the clinic to performance-enhancing drugs. Thursday's report also indicated that one major league player had also purchased medical documents from the clinic. Today, it was revealed that the player in question is Yankee's third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Back in January, the Miami New Times reported that it had obtained medical records from the clinic that linked Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Gio Gonzalez and several others to the use of banned substances, including human growth hormone.

A spokesman for Rodriguez denied Friday's allegations.

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