By Scooby Axson
May 10, 2013

13-02-21-Kyle_Field Kyle Field will be among the nation's largest stadiums when its  expansion is complete. (Photo courtesy of

Fans attending a Texas A&M football game in the near future, after the stadium expansion that will reportedly bring the capacity crowd to over 102,000, might want to pack some diapers just in case they have an accident because of the noise level.

Sam Torn, Co-Chair of the Kyle Field redevelopment committee, says Kyle Field would still be one of the most intimidating venues in the country. The stadium will add at least 20,000 seats to expand to about 102,500, making it the largest capacity in the Southeastern Conference and in Texas.

Torn says it will be loud enough to make someone wet themselves.

“Our goal is, when an opposing team walks out on this field it is going to be so loud, it is going to be so intense, that literally someone is going to wet their pants, Tom said via and the Dallas Morning News.

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