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Ex-Raiders CEO Amy Trask featured in ad critical of Redskins' name

Former Raiders CEO and current CBS Sports NFL analyst Amy Trask has been critical of the Redskins' name. (AP)

Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask has been critical of the Redskins name. (AP)

Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask's comments appear in a radio campaign asking the Washington Redskins to change their name, according to The Sporting News.

The Oneida Indian Nation "Change the Mascot" radio commercial uses a clip of Trask's comments on the controversial topic discussed two weeks ago on CBS Sports Network's NFL pregame show. The 60-second commercial is airing this week on the Raiders' flagship station, KGMZ-FM.

The Oneida Indian Nation, based in upstate New York, announced plans to broadcast its campaign in the home markets of the Redskins' weekly opponents throughout the 2013 NFL season. Washington plays in Oakland on Sunday.

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In the clip, Trask says:

"It's wrong to use a disparaging slur when referencing any person or any group of people and the word ‘Redskins’ has been widely used throughout our history as a derogatory, disparaging slur."

In the Sept. 15 segment on That Other Pregame Show, Trask added:

“Try this,” she implored. “Substitute for the word Redskins any other derogatory slur and think of that as the team name.”

“Changing the team name and logo really can inspire people and encourage people to treat everyone respectfully,” Trask continued. “I do hope the team takes this opportunity to do something very, very special, because it’s just not okay, in my view, to refer to people or any person, by use of a derogatory slur.”