By Marc Weinreich
February 18, 2014

The new NBA commissioner said he will also look to possibly raise the minimum age to enter the NBA to 20 years old. (Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images) The commissioner also said he may look to raise the minimum age to enter the NBA to 20. (Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images)

New NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who took the reigns from David Stern earlier in February, revealed in an ESPN interview this week that LeBron James is among players who are advocating for a longer All-Star break.

Silver said the players' reasoning is to give them more time to take a step back and rest from the grind of an 82-game regular season schedule, which extends into June for those players competing in the NBA Finals.

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Silver conceded that it makes sense to give All-Stars a few days rest, given how busy they are with commitments to the league over the All-Star Weekend, according to the ESPN report:

"One of the issues LeBron raised is a break during All-Star [Weekend]. A guy like LeBron, All-Star Weekend is not a break for him in any way. He's going around the clock with a combination of things the league is asking him to do, personal commitments, and I think it makes sense if we can work in the schedule a few days so the All-Stars can get a break as well."

The topic will be discussed once the NBPA names its new head to replace ousted executive director Billy Hunter. Silver added that the two sides will also meet to discuss raising the minimum age for declaring for the NBA draft to 20. Currently, a player one year removed from high school can declare himself eligible for the draft.

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