Villarreal crowd throws banana at Dani Alves; Alves fights racism by eating it

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Dani Alves responded to racist abuse from fans in his own unique way on Sunday. (David Ramos/Getty Images)

Dani Alves

On a  weekend when racist comments allegedly made by an NBA owner caused his own team to act in protest, Barcelona defender Dani Alves found his own way to "Kick racism out of football" in Barcelona's game against Villarreal.

Sorry, did we say "kick?" We meant "eat."

The incident occurred in the second half of the game, when a banana thrown from the crowd landed near Alves as he prepared to take a corner kick. Such racially-charged actions have been directed toward plenty of black players playing in European leagues in the past, and similar despicable insinuations (making "ape" sounds and other racist chanting) has even caused players to walk off the field in protest.

Alves took a different route. He picked up the banana, ate a bit of it, and took the corner kick.

The extra potassium may have helped. Down 2-1 at the time of the banana throw, Barcelona went on to win 3-2, with the equalizer coming from an own goal off a dangerous cross by Alves (Alves also put in the service that resulted in Barcelona's first tally, which also an own goal).