Watch: Mexican player kicks Northern Ireland player in head in Milk Cup fight

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Mexico and Northern Ireland opened play in the Milk Cup, an Under-20 tournament, with some unfortunate fireworks Wednesday night. 

A vicious brawl broke out at the end of the match, one that resulted with Mexico's Kevin Gutierrez kicking an opponent in the head. Gutierrez had been thrown to the ground by one Northern Ireland opponent, then circled back and kicked another one who had appeared to dive to the ground in his blind rage. Northern Ireland won the match 2-1, which was reportedly cut short by four minutes by the referee as a result of the brawl breaking out.

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Mexican players Carlos Alberto Arreola, Raul Manolo Gudino and Gutierrez and Northern Ireland's Robbie McDaid were all sent off for the incident and then later banned from the remainder of the competition.

The competition's organizing committee released the following statement:

"The Mexican FA and Irish Football Association will be informed of the behavior of their Under 20 teams in what turned out to be a poor advertisement for soccer. We would ask all teams to remember that they should be ambassadors for the game, their club and their country and appeal that they examine their behavior and strive towards fulfilling the good intentions laid down in FIFA Fair Play."

Watch the disgraceful scenes below: