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Bob Bradley does not care for this interviewer's tactics knowledge

If you want to talk tactics with former U.S. men's national team and current Stabæk coach Bob Bradley, you better be able to back up what you say.

A Norwegian TV commentator discovered that much on Sunday in an interview with Bradley after Stabæk fought back for a 2-2 draw with league leaders Molde. All in all, a very good result for Bradley and the club, which now sits solidly mid-table, in ninth place out of 16 teams in the Norwegian first division. 

Nonetheless, the commentator elected to focus on the first half in which Molde scored both of their goals, telling Bradley his tactics were "a disaster."

Check out Bradley's legendary response, which brought the entire interview to a screeching, awkward halt. 

"I totally disagree with you," he said, leaning in ever closer as the co-host laughs nervously. "This is just a stupid comment."

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Bradley went on. "To say that tactically this was a disaster? Come on…this is not even a good conversation! We should watch together some day because you and I don't see the same game." 

"But we did!," the commentator responds. 

"No," Bradley fires back. 

Watch the whole back-and forth here. It's hilarious. 

That exchange was just one of a few good performances by Americans in the stadium that day. Midfielder Andrew Jacobsen, currently on loan from New York City FC, assisted on both of Stabæk's goals, the first of which was scored by former LA Galaxy midfielder Michael Stephens. 

The league slate doesn't get much easier for Bradley and Stabæk after taking points off the leaders, though. The club hosts second-placed Odd BK next week.