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What if they met at their peaks? Our entire series of historic speculation

What if?

It's a question so often posed in the realm of sports. What if a certain player wasn't suspended, traded or hurt? What if a controversial call went another way? What if a coach had called a different play? What if a certain matchup had occurred at a different time?

That last question, above the others, has piqued our interest. In light of Floyd Mayweather finally facing Manny Pacquiao, years after both boxing greats were widely considered to be at their absolute best, it got us wondering: What if two soccer titans of their era who never got the chance to meet at their peaks actually did?

In the build-up to Mayweather-Pacquiao, Planet Fútbol took a historical deep dive into some of the greatest teams in soccer history, why they ultimately never got the chance to meet their equals and what might have happened if they had. 

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Below is our entire series:

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. 1930 Uruguay vs. Austria's Wunderteam

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. River Plate's La Máquina vs. Il Grande Torino

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. Brazil, Netherlands of the early 1970s

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. Brazil, France of the early 1980s

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. AC Milan's back-to-back champs, late 1980s Liverpool