Pappa, former Miss Washington tell conflicting stories of stabbing

Marco Pappa and his then-girlfriend Stormy Keffeler have told police multiple accounts about what occurred during his stabbing. 
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Former Seattle Sounder Marco Pappa and his ex-girlfriend Stacy Keffeler told police multiple, differing accounts of a stabbing incident that occurred late last year, according to police reports released at request of The Seattle Times.

Pappa was taken to the hospital on Dec. 17 with a three-inch stab wound in his abdomen and quickly underwent surgery. Keffeler, Pappa’s girlfriend at the time, was the person who called 911 to report her boyfriend had been injured.

Officer found a bloody knife and a trail of blood leading to Pappa’s apartment bathroom, where more blood and stab marks were found on the wall, according to the police report. 

Keffeler initially told police dispatchers she “had an accident at [her] boyfriend’s apartment.” She later told officers she and Pappa had been walking home from a bar when he was “bumped” by someone. 

Pappa told police he and Keffeler were at a restaurant and he “felt some pain” after walking outside, discovering the stab wound later. Pappa later said they were at a bar and he remembered giving money to a homeless person, but this was not the person who stabbed him.

Officers who responded to the scene said Keffeler appeared “shocked and intoxicated” when they arrived at Pappa’s apartment. Police say Keffeler had some blood on her hands and shirt, but did not appear to have been in an altercation.

Pappa told police he had been drinking and could not remember what happened.​ The soccer star told police at the hospital it was not Keffeler who stabbed him.

TMZ acquired photos of the bloody scene at Pappa’s apartment as well as Keffeler’s 911 call.

Keffeler was named Miss Washington last October, but resigned her crown after a pre-pageant drunk-driving arrest came to light. Pappa currently plays for the Colorado Rapids. 

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