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What one soccer law would MLS coaches, executives change?

If given the chance, what rule would MLS coaches and executives change in the sport?

Soccer's laws of the game are followed universally around the world, but there always seems to be consternation when it comes to certain calls and rules and whether they should be part of the sport altogether.

As Major League Soccer's 21st season nears, SI's Grant Wahl asked a number of MLS coaches and executives what one rule of the game they would change if given the chance. With everything from the offside rule to penalty-kick shootouts to determine winners and the red card-penalty double blow that some players endure, their answers spanned a wide range of options. 

Watch the video above for their responses and stay tuned to Planet Fútbol for more reaction from high-ranking MLS officials to various questions and topics in the build-up to the March 6 season openers.

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