SI Media Podcast: International soccer journalist Gabriele Marcotti

On this episode of the SI Media Podcast, host Richard Deitsch speaks with international soccer journalist Gabriele Marcotti.
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Welcome to episode No. 44 of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch. In this podcast, which is published weekly, Deitsch interviews members of the sports media about their work and interesting people about the sports media. This week’s podcast guest is international soccer journalist Gabriele Marcotti, who writes for a number of publications including ESPN FC, The Times, Corriere dello Sport and the Sunday Herald, among others.

In this episode, Marcotti talks about the differences in media access around the world, how he determines his stories as an global journalist who writes for several different publications and how he juggles different international styles, who he enjoys interviewing most in international soccer, how long it may take him to write any of his columns (which often cover multiple leagues) and more. Marcotti then answers some listener questions, including who he reads globally to stay on top of the news, where he sees the role of analytics in international soccer, whether or not MLS should lean towards a more European model with a few dominant teams and more. As a bonus, Marcotti also offers some tips for aspiring soccer journalists. (Hint: know multiple languages!)

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