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MLS coaches, executives weigh in on promotion, relegation

Can promotion and relegation work in U.S. Soccer? Grant Wahl asked a number of MLS coaches and executives.

There no two more polarizing words in the U.S. soccer community than "promotion" and "relegation."

While the U.S. club pyramid continues to operate without the open competition standard seen in most leagues and countries across the world, MLS, NASL and USL occupy the three top rungs on the club ladder sans movement between them. MLS and its top officials have made it clear that promotion and relegation won't be one of the league's features anytime soon, if ever, but that hasn't stopped some fans from vocalizing their displeasure. 

At the 2014 MLS Cup, fans paid for a promotion-relegation banner to be flown over StubHub Center, and the issue remains one of the hot-button topics for the American soccer public.

So what do some of the league's top coaches and executives think about the possibility of promotion and relegation in American soccer? SI's Grant Wahl asked a number of them. Watch their responses in the video above. 

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