Ivan Rakitic: Messi bought his neighbors' home because they were too noisy

The best in the world needs his peace and quiet. 
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Noisy neighbors are the worst. If you've had one, surely you've fantasized about buying their place just to shut them up. Regrettably, financial limitations disqualify most of us from turning this fantasy into a reality.

Lionel Messi is the greatest soccer player on Earth and is thus not plagued by such fiscal constraints.

According to Barcelona teammate Ivan Rakitic and a report from Diario Gol, Messi's neighbors in the Castelldefels municipality of Barcelona were making too much noise and it was bothering him, his wife and his two young sons, Mateo and Thiago. So Messi simply bought his neighbors' house to add to his estate and restore peace and quiet. That should do the trick. 

Messi is no spring chicken anymore; he's a 29-year-old family man. He needs sleep in order to continue to do absolutely ridiculous things on the soccer field, like this. And this. And this.