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Father of Juventus' Moise Kean claims team stiffed him on promised tractors

The father of Moise Kean wants what's owed to him—specifically, some farm equipment.
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Of all the ways a team can lose a player, this has to be a first: The father of Juventus forward Moise Kean has said that he will keep his son from re-signing with the club if he's not paid what he's owed—specifically, some tractors to work his land in the Ivory Coast.

As first reported by Italian sports publication Tuttosport and picked up by the Independent, Biorou Kean is demanding that Juventus hand over the agricultural equipment he was promised by the team when it signed the 17-year-old Moise. "Juventus offered a contract of €700,000 a year, which was fine, but the problem is they had also promised me some tractors for my agricultural business in the Ivory Coast, but now they say there is no budget for them," Biorou told Tuttosport. "I've got several hectares of land in the Ivory Coast which I would like to cultivate with rice and corn."

The younger Kean made history last November when he made his professional debut for Juventus at the age of 16, thus becoming the first player born in the 2000s to compete in Italy's Serie A. He earned that same distinction with regards to the Champions League that same month, and this May, he became the first 2000s-born player to score a goal in any of the five major European leagues.

Now, however, Moise's future with Juventus is in jeopardy; because he is under 18 years old, he cannot sign a contract without his parents' permission. The elder Kean also disputed reports that super-agent Milo Raiola—who represents Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba and Mario Balotelli, among others—is the agent for Moise. "The truth is we have never signed any agreement," Biorou said. "In fact, if I were to choose, I would choose another agent."

Neither Juventus nor Raiola has issued any comment on Biorou's contract complaints. Nor for that matter has Moise, though in the manner of teenagers everywhere, it's safe to assume he's either loudly begging his dad to quit embarrassing him or just giving him the silent treatment in anger.