By 90Min
July 24, 2017

​Barcelona teammates Neymar and Luis Suarez faced off in a game of PES 2018 at a demonstration of the new game ahead of the club's dinner at the Rockerfeller Centre on Sunday night.

The attacking duo got in a few minutes of game time and, from the evidence of video footage on Instagram, appeared to score some impressive goals.

Suarez appears on the cover of the new game, released on September 14, although the Uruguayan is no longer accompanied by Neymar and Lionel Messi, as was the case for the last edition.

Konami have claimed to be hopeful of closing the gap on rivals FIFA by improving the gameplay, and they appear to have got Barcelona's attackers on their side.

It's not clear who emerged victorious between Suarez and Neymar, although it certainly appeared to be a competitive contest.

The beta version of PES 2018 was released over the weekend, which gives fans a free trial of the game before its official release in September.


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