Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp Says Andrew Robertson Will Improve Under Him at Anfield

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is looking forward to working with new signing Andrew Robertson and insists he can help him improve his defensive weaknesses.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Klopp said: "I really like the kind of project like Andrew Robertson.

"He is cool, he is not too long in professional football. He played outstandingly well at Hull but people have said 'In defensive one-on-ones he is not that good.' That's not a problem. I can't teach him playing football because he is already good at that but I can teach him how to deal with one-on-ones because I could do that and I was a really bad footballer.


"So, its possible and doing the next step, things like that should still be possible."

Robertson signed for the Reds last week in an initial £8m deal with Kevin Stewart going the other way in what is thought to be a similar fee.

When asked if Liverpool fans should be confident with the calibre of players the club are targeting, Klopp said: "I hope they are actually. I hope they do because there are a lot of reasons for it.


"After a season there is a summer break and everybody starts - and I've said this before - feeling that the transfer window is more interesting than the league. People think 'oh we are already winning' - but unfortunately after the transfer window you have to carry on playing. That's what I am most interested in.

"Maybe people know why I've said we are not doing too badly. Joel Matip. Again, Sadio. A lot of good players already. But, it was not like - I don't know - Ibrahimovic, Lukaku and others. Does that mean we can't do it? I have no idea. We will see."