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August 05, 2017

Former Liverpool assistant manager Phil Thompson has made claims that the Reds should make a move for unwanted Chelsea forward Diego Costa.

Costa has already been told he is not part of the plans at Stamford Bridge and has a strong desire to move back to Spain to former club Atletico Madrid - despite their current transfer ban. 

The Spanish club will be unable to play newly signed players until January next year and according to the Metro, Thompson believes Liverpool would benefit from a six-month loan deal if Costa was to move back to Spain.

Thompson told the Irish Examiner: "Dare I say it: Diego Costa signs for Atletico Madrid and then gets loaned out to Liverpool? It would be quite a dream, wouldn’t it? I’d take him for six months."

He added: "Going back three or four years when Liverpool were in for Costa, I think we offered 20 million. It was 25 million and the deal never got done. I was amazed. If we’d have had Suarez and Diego Costa, God, they’d have frightened everybody."

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Diego Costa is fierce on the field, he always gives everything for the club he represents and Thompson believes it to be a huge benefit to know what you're getting from your players week in, week out.

He said: "You love these players. Every other supporter moans at them but you know as a Chelsea fan how much Costa will fight for you, do the battling for you. Good skills too. Good technique."

Thompson added: "Is Morata going to be [as effective] when you get into battles in the Premier League? It didn’t matter whether you were playing against Hull City or Manchester United, you knew what you’d get off Costa."

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