By 90Min
October 04, 2017

Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus has failed to rule out a move away from the Westfallenstadion in the near future, with the 28-year-old aware that time is against him to secure another long-term contract.

Speaking to GQ Magazine, the German international admitted that he would 'give all my money away' if it meant that he could return to the pitch. The Dortmund-born winger has had a career laced with long-term injuries, his latest of which, a cruciate ligament rupture, is expected to keep him out until March.

"The tears came again two or three days later when I went through it again in my mind," Reus said about his most recent injury with Dortmund, sustained during their German Cup final victory against Eintracht Frankfurt in May.

"It was heaven and hell at the same time. It was my first title and of course I wanted to celebrate it differently than with a cruciate ligament injury," he added. "I would give all my money away to be fit to be able to do my job, to do what I love - playing football."


When discussing his future, the former Borussia Mönchengladbach star revealed that are up to five clubs that he would consider ditching Dortmund for. However, his contract doesn't expire until 2019 and Reus is staying focused on returning to full fitness.

"Of course, there are four or five international clubs who interest me," he claimed. "On May 31 next year I will turn 30. That would be my last big contract and a final opportunity to try something different.

"I have to be honest and fair by saying that I still don't know where I'll end up. At the moment, I'm very happy in Dortmund and not thinking about the time after 2019. But of course, the time will come and then I will sit down and calmly make a decision."

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