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October 22, 2017

The Everton fan that infamously threw a punch at a Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes while handling his three-year-old son has broken his silence following the incident. 

Making global headlines, the fan expressed fears over losing access to his children for his antics. The incident occurred when 20 players clashed on the pitch, getting dangerously close to the crowd with stewards failing to keep things under control. 

Ross Kinnaird/GettyImages

Speaking to the Sunday People, as quoted by the Mirror, the fan said: "I’m ashamed of what I’ve done. I already know. I’m not a f***ing d***head.” Accusing the players of putting his son in danger amongst the brawl by “swinging their arms” the fan added: “They’re supposed to be setting an example, as professional athletes.

"I put myself and my son in a dangerous position by taking my eye off the ball and getting carried forward with other fans. Before I knew it I was through the gate, which should have been shut. Everton should have provided adequate security."

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The fan also sought to blame the team's dismal run of results and poor performance in the 2-1 loss to Lyon: “I knew I’d put myself in that dangerous position. It was not intentional but I’d been too concentrated on screaming abuse at the players for being sh**. And before I knew it I was led down there – then it was like, ‘F***ing hell, what’s going on?’ and it looks the way it looks.”

Consequently banned for life by Everton, the fan is more concerned about losing part-custody of his children. When asked on this topic, the fan said his ex-wife phoned “in tears” fearing that social services may interject: “I live with my mum. I don’t know what social services want to see me for" said the fan.

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