By 90Min
November 03, 2017

Silvio Berlusconi was AC Milan's President for over 30 years, during which he managed to contribute to the club's unarrestable national and international glory as much as helplessly witness their dismantle and crisis, which, eventually, led him to sell. 

As he saw his beloved club slipping through his fingers and becoming the property of Chinese billionaire Li Yonghong, he put an end to his prolific era as the owner.

He was interviewed by Italian host Maurizio Costanzo in a Canale 5 TV programme (via Calcio Mercato), where he said: "I loved Milan a lot, I was moved. My father took me to watch Milan and I used to impersonate the players.


"I used to celebrate when we would win and my father would console me when we lost and told me we would come back. Which we did".

Selling the club was a tough decision for the former Italy Prime Minister, who recalled the event during the interview.

"It was very painful but we could not continue like this. As soon as money from the oil industry entered football the sport has become a monopoly."

The club are still looking for stability after a troubled start to the season and since results in both Serie A and Europa League are proving disappointing for the new owners.

"Players who are of Milan's calibre, if they want to stay at the top, now cost an incredible amount of money both in terms of transfer fees as well as in terms of their wages. One family no-longer has the possibility to spend all their money annually."

He continued: "I was forced to sell Milan I found this Chinese gentleman who promised me he would spend €250 million to make the squad strong again, the evaluations made this past summer is a different discussion."

He nostalgically admitted he no longer goes to San Siro stadium and prefers to watch Milan's games at home "feeling bad". 

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