By 90Min
November 17, 2017

England's high profile friendly with Brazil on Tuesday evening may not have provided the entertainment many were hoping for, with the fire and ice stalemate one that will not live long in the memory.

There was little to note on the pitch as the Three Lions and the Fifa ranked second best team in the world took to the green of Wembley Stadium, however ahead of the contest a tunnel conversation between Manchester United's Marcus Rashford and Paris Saint-Germain's Neymar certainly caught the attention. 

The two were spotted shaking one another's hands, exchanging words and laughing together ahead of the 90 minutes as both side prepared to enter the home of English football.

With the Red Devils' young frontman's known knowledge of Portuguese not anything to write home about and the world's most expensive player's English at a similar level, it was doubtful that the pairing were going to be able to hold too deep a conversation. 

But according to reports, it was in fact Neymar who initiated the exchange with the England star, after their initial greeting in the tunnel.

However, Manchester United fans who are hoping that the world class attacker had words of encouragement or praise for the Old Trafford favourite will be disappointed, as the chat quickly turned to the weather. 

During the conversation Rashford joked about England's cold temperatures with the Brazilian admitting he prefers the sunnier and warmer climes of the world. The Metro report that the conversation went more or less as follows...

Neymar: ‘[Are you] good?’

Rashford: ‘Yeah.’ Rashford: ‘How long have you been here? How long [before] you’re leaving?’ 

Neymar: ‘Tomorrow…’ 

Rashford: ‘You go?’ 

Neymar: ‘Yeah.’ 

Rashford: ‘It’s cold!’ 

Neymar: ‘Today is…’ 

Rashford: ‘It’s not so bad today. Usually it’s…’ 

Neymar: ‘I don’t like the cold.’ 

Rashford [laughs]: ‘It’s not for you, eh?’ 

Neymar [laughs]: ‘No, it’s so cold!’


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