By 90Min
November 18, 2017

Juventus stalwart Giorgio Chiellini has already started planning out his future after he retires from football, and has revealed that he plans to stay in the game in some capacity.

Speaking at an event organised by Randstad at the Allianz Stadium and dedicated to former athletes who wish to pursue a career post-retirement.

The veteran defender also revealed how he has changed as a defender over his 17-year senior career, while admitting that he was a little 'clumsy' when he started out.

He said (via Gazzetta): "As time goes by there's a tendency to lose our technical skills, but acquire good sense and more mental preparation. Ten years ago I was much faster and more explosive than now but I was equally more mediocre.

"When I was young I played for Italy's Under-15 squad and in a few other youth teams. I was always the least good-looking, a bit clumsy, totally uncoordinated and coarse. Experience has allowed me to improve and keep up with the good work."

He quoted what former Juventus and Italy manager Marcello Lippi used to tell his players: "He would remind us that the champion is a player who plays for himself, the star makes others play well. I've had two teammates like this: Buffon and Pirlo". 

Chiellini, who is one of the few Serie A players to have a University degree, was also questioned about his plans for life post-football.

"We tend to live the sport we play with passion, so the end of my career will be inevitably tough to deal with," he said. 

"I'd love to keep working in the world of football because I know how it works more than the average people. 

"I think that every football player needs to do something at the end of their career, even those who are financially stable have to."

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