Ex-Liverpool Striker Reveals AC Milan Mocked Reds Through Wall After 2007 Champions League Final Win

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Former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch has claimed that he could hear AC Milan players laughing at his side from their dressing room after they beat the Reds 2-1 in the 2007 Champions League final. Milan were in jubilant spirits after winning the trophy, taking revenge over Liverpool after losing on penalties to Rafael Benítez's side in the 2005 final.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Crouch was giving his own take on rampant post-match celebrations - after Manchester City's controversial celebrations at Old Trafford sparked a melee with Manchester United in the tunnel. Discussing the AC Milan antics, Crouch said:

"When I think back to the 2007 Champions League final in Athens, all that comes into my mind is the laughter of the AC Milan players filtering through the walls.


"It was awful. It's part and parcel of football but it never gets easier when someone rubs it in your face."

Discussing his approach to losing, the Stoke City giant admitted that he struggles when matches don't go his way, claiming:

"You will lose at some point. It is part of the game. It comes home with you when you lose. I don't tend to sleep after games, but it's worse if we've lost. The next day it preys on my mind, I'm always thinking about what I could have done differently.

In his prime, Crouch was a regular for theEngland national team. The 6ft 7' beanpole established a reputation as being an unplayable forward, due to his towering height. The former Spurs man has been with Stoke City since 2011, and has scored 43 goals in 183 Premier League matches.