West Brom midfielder Jake Livermore won't be facing any disciplinary action from the FA after confronting a West Ham fan who reportedly made comments regarding the his infant son who passed away.

Livermore has been reminded of his responsibilities as a player, however, and was cautioned over going into crowds to ensure his safety and that of supporters.

The player and his partner lost their newborn son, Jake Junior, four years ago and he was apparently incensed when an opposing fan made remarks about the incident, going into the crowd to initiate an angry exchange on January 2.

Such comments would have probably gotten the calmest among us angry as well, so the FA must have exercised some compassion when looking into the matter.


"The club would like to think that all right-minded football supporters could understand this reaction which did not result in any physical exchanges before Jake was led away to our dressing room," West Brom said in a statement after the match.

"Jake is an outstanding young individual who has the total support of everyone at the club and he has made it clear he considers this statement to be an end to an unhappy incident."

This isn't the first time the FA has looked kindly upon the player, having decided against banning him after he tested positive for cocaine after his son's death.

He was spared a suspension due to 'the unique nature of circumstances'.

"It was a young human being who got lost in circumstances and didn't know how to react," he said in 2016.