By 90Min
January 16, 2018

As one of the world's biggest football clubs, Real Madrid's global appeal is far reaching.

From Europe to Asia and the Americas, Los Blancos have plenty of fans all around the world, and Australia is certainly no exception.

Not many football supporters are, however, any good at keepy-ups, performing tricks or playing some freestyle football - that is, until you've met this Aussie Real Madrid fan:

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Posted on the club's official Twitter account after the video was likely found on social media or sent in for exposure, the lad in question is marvellous with the ball at his feet.

Not only is his close control exceptional, but his balance, co-ordination, skill and quick feet are something to behold - and that's before we even get to the cheeky attempts at placing the ball into a number of bins and even a basketball hoop!

Of course, it's easy to say that these would have taken plenty of takes before the lad perfected his moves, but they're nonetheless impressive and deserve some accolades.

A tip of the hat to you, fine sir. We imagine there will be plenty of shrimp on the barbie for you after this shout out!

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