By 90Min
February 16, 2018

Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has questioned whether the people on ArsenalFanTV are truly fans of the club, while insisting he and the other Gunners stars pay no heed to the now infamous rants on the YouTube channel.

The post-match circus of ArsenalFanTV, which portrays a selection of the Gunners faithful sharing their thoughts on the 90 minutes which has preceded them, is often more anticipated than the highlights of the football match itself, especially if Arsene Wenger's men have offered a below-par performance. 

But it has often been questioned whether those whose names are regularly the topic of conversation during the videos actually watch themselves, and now, we have an answer. 

While Bellerin suggested no player purposefully seeks out ArsenalFanTV and that is has no effect on them, they do come across the videos on their social media platforms.

However, during a Q&A session at Oxford University, the Catalan full back lambasted those who star in it, questioning if they really can be considered fans if their claim to fame is taking advantage of someone else's failings. 

"I think it's so wrong for someone who claims to be a 'fan' and their success is fed off a failure, so how can that be a fan?" the 22-year-old replied when asked his thoughts on the outlet from a member of the audience.

"I think it's just people hustling; trying to make money their way, which everyone is entitled to do, but for us players it doesn't affect us. 

"If people want to have fun with it, let them have fun, but when you grow you realise what's important for you to listen to and what not to take.

"If a coach comes to be and tells me 'You've done something wrong', I'm going to take that advice. But if someone from Arsenal Fan TV says this guy needs to do this, I am not going to listen to him.

"But people are entitled to their opinion and the way they want to do it, so if people find it funny, then go and watch it."

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