Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore has revealed that the Reds are always on the lookout for the 'next Mohamed Salah' in the transfer market and are determined to be able to spend money to give manager Jurgen Klopp all the players he needs to build a successful team.

Liverpool bought Salah for £35m, a relative bargain considering that he scored 44 goals in his debut season and picked up PFA, FWA and Premier League Player of the Year awards, while the club also broke a world record to sign Virgil van Dijk and secured a deal for Naby Keita.


Speaking at the International Business Festival, Moore claimed that 'every pound, euro, dollar' that Liverpool make will go to Klopp and his staff to find more gems like Salah.

"We're in a world now where if you're not a £500m football team you're not going to win anything," he is quoted as saying by the Liverpool Echo.

"And the ability for us to be able to stay up bluntly with the Manchester Uniteds and the Barcelonas and the PSGs and the Real Madrids, all of whom have slightly different business models, becomes critical, because if we don't stay up with them we don't compete.

"We are the proud owners of the world's most expensive defender in Virgil Van Dijk at £75m. But that money has got to come from somewhere. And being able to drive that growth becomes critical. Why? Because you invest in the team."

Being able to invest in the team is the most important thing.

"Our primary focus for every pound, Euro, dollar we make is to give it to Jurgen Klopp and our scouting staff and our sporting director and say go buy the best players, go find the next Mohamed Salah," Moore explained.

"Go shore up the defence, which we did with Virgil Van Dijk. Go figure out how you can identify a player like we've just done with Naby Keita, buy him a year in advance, leave him in Germany, but now, as he shows up this week, is a Liverpool player.

"This doesn't come cheap. It's a high-stakes game. It requires revenue coming in all the time."