Even Troy Aikman Thinks World Cup Announcer Tony Meola Sounds Just Like Him

The resemblance is undeniable. 
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An underrated subplot of this year’s World Cup TV coverage has been the commentary of Tony Meola. Paired with J.P. Dellacamera, Meola has done a fine job calling some of the biggest matches in Russia. The big takeaway for viewers hasn’t been the astute analysis of the former USMNT goalkeeper, though—it’s been just how much he sounds like another Fox color commentator, Troy Aikman. 

Just because a bunch of random people on Twitter say something doesn’t mean it’s true, but they’re not the only ones who hear the resemblance. Even Aikman himself agrees. 

Listen for yourself. (Meola’s voice is the one you hear beginning at the :37 mark.)

That’s pretty damn close. 

The comparisons won’t die down any time soon, either. Meola and Dellacamera are Fox’s No. 2 crew, so they’ll be calling games up through the semifinals.