adidas have released a new film titled 'Creativity is the Answer' described as a 'culmination of an innovative open-source campaign' that invited athletes, musicians, artists and film makers from around the world to 'co-create' and contribute to their communities.

The action took place in adidas 'Key Cities' - London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, New York and host city Moscow - with the film reflecting 'all the creativity that followed'.

As part of the campaign, new football fields and football cages were built for communities in London, LA, Paris and Moscow, while local artists around the world created murals and art installations.


Collaborators featured in the film include digital community 'This Fan Girl' in London, as well as LGBT soccer club NYC Ramblers in New York, LA artist and illustrator Geoff Gouveia, female Russian footballer Nadya Karpova in Moscow and US Soccer player Giovanni Reyna in LA.