In a slightly bizarre turn of events, it seems that Liverpool's latest Brazilian recruit is still to confirm his shirt number for next season.

With the Premier League now starting in under two weeks, Fabinho will need to make a decision sooner rather than later.

Wearing number three throughout pre-season, it would've been a fair assumption to make that the ex-Monaco man would roll with that number for at least this upcoming campaign.


Well, it appears that there could be a few unhappy customers in and around Merseyside, because it's a ever growing possibility that Fabinho may change away from what many would consider a lucky number.

Thus far, the Anfield representative has been given no official number by the Reds' website, report the Liverpool Echo. If his favoured number two jersey is to become free, it is to rely upon the cordial attitude of Nathaniel Clyne. 


Another option that may jump out at the 24-year-old is that of shirt 22. With now third choice goalkeeper Simon Mignolet likely on his way out, Fabinho may be inclined to snap up the Belgian's squad number.

Many an youthfully exuberant child will currently be pestering their mum and dad for a Fabinho shirt, only for the potential to be let down sometime next week. In all likelihood this posturing will be for nothing, and Liverpool will most realistically confirm number three as the shirt given.

Maybe Fabinho just enjoys keeping everybody on their toes. Maybe it's a marketing ploy by the Reds to shift more tops after the plethora of talent brought in this summer. Either way, it's unlikely to change many results for Liverpool this season.