WATCH: Jose Mourinho Bashes Water Bottles in Celebration, Brags About UCL Record

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho let out all of his frustrations after Marouane Fellaini's goal to defeat Young Boys 1–0 Tuesday.
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Manchester United defeated Young Boys 1–0 to secure their place in the last 16 of the Champions League Tuesday, and manager Jose Mourinho doesn't want fans to forget it.

Despite United playing well early in the match, Mourinho was feeling frustrated as his side was facing a possible draw against Young Boys. Marouane Fellaini saved the day by coming off the bench to deliver a stoppage-time goal for the victory.

Mourinho then lost it, picking up and slamming United's basket of water bottles in reaction.

He later told reporters it was "an explosion of relief."

Letting out his pent-up emotions seemed to put Mourinho in a better mood after the match, where he was quick to remind everyone of his Champions League group stage record.

"For some of my lovers, I just want to say–for the ones that like stats–14 seasons in the Champions League, 14 times qualify through the group phases, never one of my teams stay behind [after] the group phase.

"The season I didn't play Champions League, I won the Europa League. It's a good record."

He'll look to have his team improve its wobbly league record this weekend, as Manchester United plays next on Saturday against Southampton in Premier League action at 12:30 p.m. ET. The club sits in seventh place through 13 matches, seven points out of a Champions League spot–and a chance for Mourinho to try to make it 15-for-15.